The PXB-Factor: Measuring a Brand's Personal Connection

How does your brand measure up as a personal experience brand?

The most relevant brands are the most personal.

In today’s connected world, there are so many avenues for brands to close the relationship gap with their consumers. Connecting in a deeper, more authentic way is critical. Brands that don’t attune to, or invest in, creating experiences that are relevant to consumers are at risk of losing them. At Laughlin Constable, we believe the most modern, relevant brands are Personal Experience Brands, or as we call them: PXBs.

So here's
what we did.

We turned the notion of Personal Experience Brands into a quantifiable measurement called the PXB-Factor. These scores show the successes and can uncover the gaps, ultimately helping marketers prevent their brand from slipping into obsolescence. With a PXB-F, we can help your brand map out a path to becoming even more personal.

Methodology at a glance

In August 2023, we conducted a national research study aimed at assessing 25 highly esteemed and recognized brands that were predicted to best embody the fundamental elements of a PXB. These “Benchmark Brands” were then put through our proprietary PXB-Factor (PXB-F) methodology.

The Benchmark Brands

To select our 25 Benchmark Brands, we referred to leading industry resources including Forbes, Fortune, Newsweek, the S&P 100 and various analyst reports on today’s most relevant brands. Our selection was intentional to reflect consumer and brand expert opinions, not just financial performance.

PXB Factor Scale

The PXB-Factor is more than a score, it's an unfiltered lens of how consumers view brands.

We measured our Benchmark Brands across the five dimensions and their PXB-Factor on a scale of 100. Every dimension matters – working as a virtuous circle, feeding off and into each other. Our finding? Even some of the most prominent brands in the world today aren’t perfect. There’s always a chance to get more personal.

The Five Dimensions of a PXB

Each brand was given a score 0-100 for each of the five dimensions of a PXB – Inspirational, Human Centered, Contextually Useful, Culturally Connected, and Dynamic. Each of the five dimensions reflects an important way a brand interacts with and bonds with its consumers. The score of each is tallied and averaged to determine the overall PXB-F.

What’s in a number?

In addition to the overall scores, we dove deeper into each dimension of our Benchmark Brands. We researched current and past brand performance, advertising and initiatives, while also pulling key learnings from our data, to uncover why we believe brands received the scores they did for each dimension.

Wide People Happy

How can the PXB-Factor work for you?

As marketers and business leaders, there’s always room to bring a more personal touch to everything you do. By discovering your brand’s PXB-Factor, you’ll unlock the keys to building that relationship, and see how you can close the gap from obsolete to personal. Although we applied our initial research to large, well-known brands, the PXB-F can scale accordingly.

Download the full report today to see all of our key learnings and to dive deeper into our methodology.

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